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This page presents the Richer Syntax Plugin v. 1.0


This pluging tries to make twiki syntax more similar to plain text style.

Syntax Rules

Titles: A <H1> title is specified by underlining it with equal signs, a <H2> with minus signs, a <H3> with caret signs and <H4> with tildes. The length of underlining has to be (almost) the same of the title one.

Example 1


Syntax rules

Example 1

Continuations:  Sometimes one wants to split a line (for instance a table) and the backslash at the end is not usual. So the rule is:
  • Every two lines in which the second one has greater indentation (more white space at beginning) and does begins with a letter (in order to avoid clashes with nested lists) are glued together.
But sometimes you may want to add a blank line in the middle of an itemized list. So I added the special variable %BR% that inserts a <BR /> and the rule:
  • If a line has greater indentation than the previous one, but is composed only by blanks, it is replaced by %BR% % BR%. For ease of reading, it may contain some dots.

Example 2

| first column header 
   | second column header 
| 1 | 2 |


first column header second column header
1 2


   * a list
     with a break


  • a list

    with a break

Description with spaces: one can insert a description heading with embedded spaces by surrounding it with colons. They are rendered in a compact way. If you want to split it over lines use the continuation method described above.

Example 2

<tab>:Description with spaces: one can...


there is no special settings for this version.

  • Debug flag
    • Set DEBUG = 1

  • Short description
    • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = This plugin allows to write headers, description items and continuation lines in a way more similar to usual text rules.

-- FrancoBagnoli? - 14 May 2002

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